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The Importance of Hiring Top Talent Fast in 2022

During the pandemic we witnessed a dramatic shift in many areas – the job market was at the top of the list. Employees were looking for dynamic and flexible work schedules while employers were doing everything they could to keep their employees happy and keep their companies afloat. In a time of uncertainty, organizations quickly learned that when it came to hiring, they had to act fast, or they would lose top talent to the competition. Why is that? Let’s dive into three reasons why you have to hire fast or lose top talent.

Don’t Waste Time in Making A Decision About Hiring Top Talent

We are no longer seeing employees start a job young and stay with that company for 20 years. We’re in a fast-paced world where if employees are unsatisfied, they are quick to jump and don’t look back. Now is not the time to debrief with your coworkers for weeks before reaching out to a candidate to offer a position within your company. Avoid falling into a trap by establishing a process internally. Your internal process should cover the entire hiring exercise from creating the job description, deciding who is on the interview team, scheduling interviews, debriefing, and making final decisions.

The convenience of Applying for Open Positions in 2022

Another shift we have seen is that folks aren’t waiting for recruiters or competitors to seek out talent. Unsatisfied employees can easily apply to 30 open positions in one night with the ease and convenience of LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. This means that top talent is aware of who else is hiring and has their radar up on who has had a job posted for weeks vs. days. To secure the top talent you’re looking for, you must move more quickly than ever before.

Outdated Interview Practices

Outdated interview practices can be a red flag to potential employees. Gone are the days when you have multiple rounds of interviews. In addition to that, the current generation of employees wants quick answers. Posting the salary on your job description might’ve been seen as giving away the upper hand years ago, now talent wants to know what the salary range is before starting conversations. No one wants to wait for a second interview to know the salary and benefits. Come to the table with clear and direct communication, goals, and salary.

Don’t waste time sitting around waiting to make decisions on hiring. You no longer have the luxury to do so. The talent shortage is still strong and without a process for hiring top talent, you’ll fall behind. Set a plan and strategize with your team before the process begins, not when your top talent is waiting to hear from you.

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