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Client Services

Client Services knows that every job is unique, so we provide high-quality tailored solutions to meet your needs.
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Our expertise, Your success - a winning combination.

The Client Services team at Covenant Services serves as the primary point of contact for businesses that have partnered with our Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Our Client Services team manages the ongoing relationship between the PEO and our clients, ensuring their needs are met and they receive excellent service.


An integral function of this department within a PEO is to facilitate timely and accurate communication between the PEO and its clients. This communication ensures that businesses receive the support and assistance they require to be successful.


Overall, the Client Services Team at CSVS is crucial in ensuring businesses receive personalized and responsive service to meet their unique needs. By fostering solid and long-lasting relationships between CSVS and its clients, Client Services contributes to the success of both parties.

Customized Reporting
  • GL Templates

  • Client Allocation Reporting

  • Additional requested customized reporting

  • System Issues or Concerns

  • How To's

Time Clock Setup & Integration
  • Time Clock Customization 
    Time Clock Assistance

Tax Questions
  • W-4 Questions

  • 1099 Questions 

  • State Tax Setup 

User Access
  • Customized user access

  • Admin Training

  • Time Clock Training

  • System Demos  

Company Set Up Questions
  • Billing Questions 

  • Admin Portal Primary Client

  • Contact 

Update Client Information
  • Configure Company Setup

  • Update Employees or Manager access

  • Configure Employee portals

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