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What is a PEO?

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization, that employers use to outsource employee management tasks that take time away from focusing on clients and services. Tasks such as payroll, HR functions, worker compensation, employee benefits as well as other government compliance issues and many more.

What can a PEO do for my company?

All Around Cost Reduction

Outsourcing your HR needs, you can lower your cost of employing an in-house team. Based on the amount of volume we bring to the business relationships with insurance companies professional employer services help reduce insurance costs and ensure lower rates and discounts.

Access to More Technology

Professional Employer Services have access to technology that can produce valuable information regarding payroll and analytics. We utilize software and platforms that are typically unaffordable to small businesses and make them immediately available to our clients.


PEO's have the resources to help keep track of all federal and state laws that concern your business. Thus, assuring, you don't run the risk of noncompliance.

Business Focus

Most importantly, a PEO benefits you by allowing you to free up your resources and spend time focusing on company growth and business goals.


Healthcare Benefit Administration

Customized Employee Handbooks

Compliance of Government Regulations with Cobra, EEOC, Immigration, ADA, and other Federal Regulations

State Unemployment Claims Administration and Defense

Background Checks- pass-through


Flexible time clock interface
Easy -to- understand paychecks and check stubs deduction register/ payroll detail
Direct deposit
Payroll accrual reports (sick pay, vacation pay etc)
Commission reports
Hours/Earnings recap
Employee pay history
Earnings detail reports
Job costing
Certified payroll reports
Production of all quarterly and annual reports:
Including tax payments
Preparation and distribution of W-2 and 1099
Child support deductjons and payments
Employee loans/advances management
Student loan collection and payments
Uniform cost deduction
Pre-tax deductions report
401k  deductions and employer match report


One million dollars per occurance
A-rated carrier
Certificate of insurance
No up-front deposit/premium audit
CS assumes responsibility for workers comp premiums, reporting
Classifications (given by employer)
Properly reporting payroll premium calculations
Assistance in developing safety program
On-site assistance
Licensed claims adjuster
Expierienced loss control specialist

Consider our alternate ASO option

With an ASO you will use YOUR Fed and State ID’s you will choose from a menu of service options that best suit your business needs and reduce fees for all the services you don’t need to outsource.


Factors that may determine which is best for your company:

Contractual agreements that exclude the use of a PEO

High worker compensation loss history

Business owners that prefer an alternative to a co-employment arrangement

Best fit for my company

The Cost of the full range of the PEO services may drive this decision.
If you have a full-time HR professional, an in-house safety engineer, or an in-house benefits coordinator, you may not need to pay the PEO to perform some or all these services. At that point, you can pick and choose which of the services you want to outsource through an ASO Agreement.
If you have Service Agreements that preclude a PEO arrangement, you can enjoy all the benefits of our PEO services through an ASO arrangement under your federal and state ID.