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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 8007


8000 IH-10, San Antonio, TX 78230


Our expertise

Covenant Services is licensed by the State of Texas to provide Employer / Employee administration services for our clients, offering a full range of PEO services including:

Benefits (health care plans, HSA, 401K's and 125 plans)

Workers Compensation

Payroll and Tax Compliance

Human Resources Management

Safety Program

Mediation Arbitration and more

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) arrangement uses our federal tax identification number known as a co-employment arrangement.

Covenant Services was founded in 1999 and has serviced 1000s of employees. We are small, by design, boutique PEO in a unique position to offer all of the same benefits as a National and larger Regional PEOs. Our experience at Covenant has shown that Business Owners and CEO’s prefer working directly with one representative of the PEO to more adequately deliver personalized services to improve compliance and risk management, as well as, profitability and growth of their companies.

Why us?

Understanding Co-Employment. When entering a co-employment relationship with Covenant Services, the owner/manager continues to direct employees in day-to-day duties and activities. Covenant Services, as a PEO, will handle all non-revenue generating aspects of the employee/employer relationship. At the same time, Covenant Services contractually assumes certain rights, responsibilities, and risks. As such, we deliver and manage employee benefits, payroll processing, and tax administration, workers compensation, state unemployment insurance, EEOC claims, mediation, arbitration, etc.


Your Success is our Mission

We allow you to focus on your revenue-generating business matters by providing professionally managed service to our clients and their employees by utilizing the latest technology.

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